Salt is survival. Salt is balance. Salt is preservation. Salt is life.

Saltkin invites all of Black Rock City to celebrate, consume, and learn mostly true facts about salt.

We are a Burning Man theme camp first brought to the playa in 2018 after its founders had observed a conspicious lack of sources of electrolytes in previous years attending the event. Resolving to correct this imbalance, we created a space to appreciate those critical chemical compounds that are so essential to life: salts. We provide gifts of cold electrolyte drinks, salty snacks, and offer a variety of flavoured and infused salts to sample. You can make your own flavoured salts during our workshops, and while you’re here stop by the Salt Museum to learn facts (and “facts”) about the history, industry, philosophy and alchemy of salt!

This site mostly exists as a place to coordinate and share information for the member of the camp. If you’re not staying with us, you’re welcome to read more about us and our history or peruse some of the public resources that we think might be useful to other burners.

If you do count yourself among the saltkin, get started by reading the Preparing for Burning Man 2019 “Metamorphoses” post. Or maybe you’ve already done that and you’re heading directly back to what’s expected of you, what you need to do, and/or what you need to bring.

If you’ll be out on the playa in 2019 we look forward to seeing you this year! Come by and visit us from noon to 4ish for snacks, drinks, and salt tastings or peruse the Museum anytime.

saltkin - exterior image